Boss Of The Mallet World

    There’s nothing like hitting a bar on the marimba and knowing that you have just the right mallet for the sound. That mallet makes all the difference, and Arias, Supervisor of Mallet Production at marimba oneknows it better than anyone.

   The Southern California native, himself a drummer, first came to Humboldt County looking for a culture that is rich in music and the outdoors. Now in charge of mallet manufacturing at marimba one™, he is responsible for overseeing the turning of raw materials into finished mallets including attaching the heads to the shafts, wrapping the mallets in yarn, working with those who sew, inspecting and packing. The wrapping of the mallets is crucial -- he makes sure all of the mallets are evenly wrapped so that whether you purchase a single pair or multiple pairs, they are all perfectly matched to each other. 

Arias’ s world is deeply connected to the shop of marimba craftsmen, and yet it is a universe of its own. “I like the independence,” says Arias. “I have little oversight, and that makes me feel all the more responsible for the work I do and the people I supervise.” For him, the magic is about turning basic raw materials into a tool that enables musicians to make art. “The Wave Wrap look especially cool!”