The Finishing Touch

Kendall’s first gig was at Taylor Guitars, right out of high school.   From there on, it’s been a steady path of woodshops, leading, happily for us, to marimba one.

   He was working at a custom woodshop in Portland, Oregon when our shop manager Rick asked him to rejoin (Kendall had been with marimba one  for two years before moving away).

   In the photo at right, he is busy sanding the end grain of a marimba one Izzy™ treble head board. 
   In crafting marimbas, we only use a clear finish and does not stain any of the frame wood or the bars, allowing for the natural beauty of the wood to come through.
    “It’s one of the best shops I’ve worked in. The guys are nice,” he says. “And the tools actually work!” 
   If getting everything out on time is a challenge, Kendall finds that relatively easy to manage compared to looking after his three dogs, Chewy, Nugget and Cece, who are frequent visitors at marimba one.