Katarzyna Mycka on Cordoba Competition...and IKMMA

I was honored to judge the first international percussion competition whose first prize was a performance as a Soloist with the Cordoba Orchestra (as well as 3,000 euros in cash and mallets).
   Playing before 800 people, first prize winner Conrado Moya performed a Concert for marimba and string orchestra by the French composer Emmanuel Séjourné.
   According to the organizer, Carolina Alcaraz, 21 people from 13 countries applied, all young performers between the age of 18 and 24.
   She said that the contestants, at this young age, do not know if they want to be professional musicians, because they haven’t had a chance to perform in real life. So imagine standing up on the stage, in front of an orchestra, ‘making conscious decisions based on experience.’
   By the way, there was a clinic the next day with Ron Samuels who spoke about the history of marimba one, his ideas on sound, mallet making and much more.
   The previous month, I myself hosted the International Katarzyna Mycka Marimba Academy (IKMMA) in Nuremberg, Germany.
   There, 32 percussion students from all over the world received lessons from high-profile guest lecturers and played many concerts with the teachers.
   The show began with a premiere of marimba quartet by Simon Scharf and played by Shoko Sakai, Svet Stoyanov, Prof. Hermann Schwander and myself.
This was followed by original compositions of Keiko Abe, a funny ‘2nd Flight of the Bumblebee’ for two marimbas by Tobias Brostrom and a version of Saint-Sens ‘Carnival of the Animals.’