New Pricing Reflects Rosewood Value

Just like almost everything else in the 21st century, the rising cost of materials has necessitated a price increase at marimba one. “It’s about the value of the wood,” said Ron Samuels, founder of the company. “Rosewood is more difficult to get, and the prices are beginning to reflect the uniqueness and quality of rosewood.” At the same time, the marimba one tradition of excellent service and personal response is untouched--and unmatched. For instance, if you need a bar replaced, we keep detailed records of all the marimbas we build, including keyboard voicing information. Or, if you want your keyboard retuned, we offer a free retuning of the entire keyboard during the first two years.

That’s why Peter Thomas, principal marimba player of Disney’s ‘The Lion King,’ says: “For me, there’s no alternative to marimba one marimbas. The tuning is perfect and the shape is great.” New prices go into effect January 1. Place your order by email