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Submit your favorite holiday photo with a marimba and/or mallets and enter to win 2 pairs of mallets of your choice. 

Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays!

   While crafting the world’s best marimbas is our passion, so is giving you professional, friendly service, California-style.

     Spikes in international timber crime and the demand for rosewood are threatening to end the production of concert marimbas as we know it, warns marimba one® founder and owner Ron Samuels.

This October, marimba one™ is sending its founder Ron Samuels, and master tuner to Germany to retune Europe’s finest marimbas.

"Resonator voicing and design is critical to a great marimba" -- Ron Samuels

Musicians want an instrument that inspires and supports them. For 30 years, Ron Samuels has focused on making the best, most musical marimba—overcoming obstacles one by one in pursuit of the perfect sound.

Ron Samuels talks about the design touches and innovations of marimba one Izzy

Marimba One's founder, Ron Samuels, talks about the design touches and innovations of the marimba one Izzy™.

Marimba One, maker of the world’s finest marimbas, introduces its pioneering marimba one Izzy™, the culmination of 30 years of acoustic, engineering and ergonomic innovations.

Sujaree Prapinwong and Laurent Warnier join family of marimba one Discovery Artists

Thoughts From A Marimba Master Tuner