News and Announcements

Ron Samuels

It was the sound--elusive but haunting--that drove a 25-year-old college student, a few classes short of a degree in psychology, to build a marimba from scratch.

Marimba One is pleased to announce its endorsement of percussionists Sandra Valette and Mathieu Demange.

    Josh moved to Humboldt County to complete his degree in music and he never left. Instead, he joined marimba one®, first as a sander, then in the resonator department, and eventually focused his skills on tuning and acoustical research.

    Every marimba we build is a “voiced” marimba.  Each piece of rosewood on each of our marimbas has been through a long journey to make it onto a marimba one®. 

Send us your photo or short clip (30 sec or less) featuring mallets and pets. Winner gets 2 pairs of Marimba One mallets of their choice or a mallet bag. Email Competition closes February 15. Have fun :)

Boss Of The Mallet World

    There’s nothing like hitting a bar on the marimba and knowing that you have just the right mallet for the sound. That mallet makes all the difference, and Arias, Supervisor of Mallet Production at marimba one® knows it better than anyone.

Congratulations to Se Mi Hwang and to the other prize winners -- and congratulations to all participants for your skill, focus and determination! The 6th World Marimba Competition took place last month in the conservatory in Stuttgart.

Lots of entries made it hard to choose a winner. Congratulations Vincent Caers for a unique photo! Congratulations also to Michael Jopling and Aaron Mattock!


It was 25 years ago that music professor Dennis Plies placed an order for a marimba and moved Ron Samuels to quit his woodworking job and jump into building marimbas full time.