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Now you can assemble the marimba of your dreams, with the help of "The Configurator," the on-line innovation of the world's premier maker of concert marimbas.

Getting a Warmer Sound on a Marimba

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Marimba One Basso Bravo Resonators

The idea to develop our Basso Bravo resonator voicing came from conversations I had with some marimba players who wished for a bass sound that was even darker and warmer than anything currently available on  the market.

  Until  2005, Manuel Leuenberger did not know about an instrument called “marimba.” 

Mi Youne Kim

Doctors rarely make house calls any more, but Marimba One's master tuner did, even though it was a 16-hour flight away.

Fifty linear feet of felt. That is how much is placed on a marimba by Marimba One of Arcata, California. And why the felt-obesssion? Because all contact points are protected, resulting in a pure sound free of rattle or buzz.

I started the International Katarzyna Mycka Marimba Academy (IKMMA) in 2003 after noticing that many teenage students were in need of teachers who were marimbists themselves.

Rather than you sending your instrument to us for retuning, marimba one©is inaugurating the equivalent of a house call.