The Engineering Marvel

  The unlikeliest of settings brought Steve, the mechanical engineer, into contact with Ron, the founder of marimba one® Their separate gardening needs had them both shoveling manure at a nearby stable eleven years ago.
   Putting down their shovels, they began talking about how to engineer Ron’s designs to build a better marimba. Steve envisioned turning some of Ron’s dreams into reality and offered his services as a consultant.
   Steve believes in the engineering mantra which says, “If you control the process, you control the product.” And over the eleven years of their collaboration, the controls have gotten tighter and tighter.
    Skilled crafstmen, with the aid of computers, still tune each marimba by hand.
   Steve, who is recognized by his Salvador Dali-like mustache, says the best part of of his job is the variety of the work, citing as one example his secret design of the double-wrap winding of marimba one® mallets.
   A lover of the George Frederick Handel, Johann Sebastian Bach and other composers of baroque music, Steve sits on the board of the Eureka Symphony. He loves marimba music, too.