Choose your Sound, Six Acoustic Options available

The prices are for the U.S. For international orders, please contact us or your local dealer to get pricing with international shipping + import duty + taxes. 

This is the standard by which all other marimbas are measured. The warm, resonant sound created by the combination of our Classic Resonator voicing and Traditional Keyboard voicing is a step ahead of all the competition.

The warmth and resonance of the Enhanced keyboard, combined with our Classic Resonator Voicing, substantially increases the dynamic range and its projection

Every Premium Keyboard is selected from several thousands of bars. The rich harmonics of our Classic resonator voicing blends perfectly with the dynamic volume, articulation, and ring time of our Premium keyboard.

Basso Bravo resonators produce a warmer, darker, and louder bass sound. Matched with our Traditional keyboard, the acoustics on this marimba are an excellent choice for any serious marimba player

This is our most popular marimba for Universities, Orchestras, and marimba players alike. The sound easily carries through ensembles and orchestras.

The absolute best! Our legendary Basso Bravo resonators seamlessly blend with our resonant, responsive Premium Keyboard. It's amazing how much sound is produced with even the lightest touch of the mallets.

The marimba one Izzy™ is our flagship height adjustable marimba. Ideal for both University and home, the Izzy™ is our lightest weight frame, yet durable and rigid. 100% made in California

By far the most rigid and durable marimba on the market, the marimba one 3100™ features extra wood on the end frames. Height adjustment is made with a simple and precise handle at each end frame. 100% designed and built in our California factory.

Built using traditional mortise and tenon joinery, the marimba one Soloist™ is a work of art. Just tell us how tall you are and we will recommend a keyboard height for you. 100% designed and built in our California factory.


Do you have your own ideas for how you would like your marimba to feel and sound when it is played? Let us know and we will be happy to offer you suggestions. Also, we would be happy to send you a delivered quote for any of our marimbas. All we need is your shipping address. This quote can also be used if you wish to finance your marimba.
--Ron Samuels, marimba one™  
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