Colin Currie Signature

Colin Currie Signature Mallets

The Colin Currie Signature Mallet Series was created as a simple and straightforward mallet line, representing a focused, polished approach to sound. This is a light weight series with flexibility in feel and touch to give access to the entire dynamic range of the keyboard.

Colin's versatile mallets encourage spontaneity, as each can be used with great force or delicacy without any unsatisfactory change in timbre.

This series contains four mallets, featuring one unwrapped mallet and three wrapped mallets, all available in both birch and rattan handles.

Model # Yarn Color Hardness Handle
CCB1 or CCR1 Unwrapped Medium Birch or Rattan
CCB2 or CCR2 Black/Green Medium Hard Birch or Rattan
CCB3 or CCR3 Black/Blue Medium Soft Birch or Rattan
CCB4 or CCR4 Black/Purple Soft Birch or Rattan