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Optimum Percussion +61-02-9744-1829

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Australian National University
Griffith University
Queensland Conservatorium

Australia Reviews

I would like to thank you for the terrific tuning job that you did on the marimba bars we sent over last May. The instrument sounds fantastic, better than ever. Really a first rate job!

Gary France - Associate Professor/Percussion, School of Music, The Australian National Univ

Without joking I have been singing the praises of my (and all) Marimba Ones ever since it arrived in that big crate over 7 years ago... just last night I did a big solo gig on it, and it still sounds beautiful. This gig was in a jazz club and I was using a lot of live electronics with it, and it all sounded great. I am having a lot of fun miking it up and running the sound through delays and phrase samplers and some cool programs on my laptop.... It sounds great, looks wonderful.

Jeremy Barnett