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I would like to express my admiration for your outstanding product and thank you for receiving such a beautiful instrument which helps and inspires me and my students to make better music. I am very exited by the sound and especially the equality throughout the whole instrument. Also the frame elevating system looks solid and good and I'm sure it will last for many years to come. You are truly the leading in the world!!

Odense Conservatory - Soren Monrad

Hi Ron.

Please don’t thank me; your own quality did all the work.
Just before asking you to make a marimba for me, I did the US tour with concerts and master classes at Juilliard, New England Conservatory, Hartt School, New York University etc. last autumn. And on this tour I played on the marimbas available, as it would have been too high a cost to bring my own marimba to the US. And it was really a good experience for me to play the same program on all the different kinds of marimbas (Yamaha, Marimba One, Musser, Malletech etc.). During the tour I felt, that every time I played a Marimba One, I felt more relaxed and safe, and played much better compared to the rest of the marimbas where I was “fighting” to get good sound. And for me, that’s one of the MOST important things when you play – to relax, as ALL tensions limit the expressions, sound quality etc.  It works just like the difference of a concert hall with good acoustics and one with bad acoustics; when you perform in a concert hall with bad acoustics, you have to “fight” to get the sound out there, in comparison to good acoustics when you can relax and your music gets all the possibilities to come out, as well as being able to focus more on the music itself…
I don’t know if all this makes sense in English, but this is the way I felt with Marimba One during the tour (and still feel..) – so the instrument absolutely “sold itself” to me (and with a little help from Morgan…). So please don’t thank me…

I can tell you, that Edition Svitzer is planning a tour for me in September where I’ll be doing master classes and concerts on music academies in the Scandinavian countries, and this time I really look forward to bringing my new Marimba One!!

Thank you for such a great instrument! (everybody are jealous of me, haha) J
Best regards,

Ronni Kot Wenzell

Dear Ron.

I’m very happy for my new Marimba One, and I also hope that I’ll be happy playing on it for many years from now on.


Anne Cathrine Kielland Lund, Denmark

Anne Catherine Kielland Lund