Double Helix™ Mallet Series

Double Helix Marimba Mallet

The Double Helix™ Mallet Series is a mid-weight line that we developed to bring out the warmth of the fundamental throughout the range of the marimba.

The Double Helix™ are made with one synthetic yarn and one wool yarn wrapped with relaxed tension.

Each mallet in the series evokes a warm deep tone from the keyboard.

The six mallets in this series are available with birch or rattan handles.

Model # Yarn Color Hardness Handle
DHB1 or DHR1 Gray/Gray Very Hard Birch or Rattan
DHB2 or DHR2 Gray/Champagne Hard Birch or Rattan
DHB3 or DHR3 Gray/Green Medium Hard Birch or Rattan
DHB4 or DHR4 Gray/Blue Medium Birch or Rattan
DHB5 or DHR5 Gray/Purple Medium Soft Birch or Rattan
DHB6 or DHR6 Gray/Red Soft Birch or Rattan