Ivana Bilic Signature

Ivana Billic Mallet

The Ivana Bilic Signature Mallet Series was developed to emphasize the singing characteristic of the marimba by relating the sounds each mallet makes to human vocal qualities. This is a mid-weight series with six grades of hardness, and is currently available with rattan handles.

Ivana's series consists of five wool/synthetic yarn mallets and one wool/wool yarn mallet.

The wool yarn warms the sound, the synthetic yarn provides articulation.

In describing her mallets Ivana has created a scale that utilizes the language of vocal range and timbre. Her definitions for each mallet combine the ideal playing range for a mallet with the color/timbre of its sound. Note: The scale follows a hard to soft progression, but loosely, as hardness alone is not enough to define each mallet.

Model # Singing Quality Yarn Color Hardness Handle
IBR1 or IBB1 High Soprano Navy Blue/Turquoise Very Hard: Synthetic/wool Birch or Rattan
IBR2 or IBB2 Singing Tenor Navy Blue/Sea Foam Medium Hard: Synthetic/wool Birch or Rattan
IBR3 or IBB3 Boy Alto Navy Blue/Cream Medium: Synthetic/wool Birch or Rattan
IBR4 or IBB4 Dramatic Baritone Navy Blue/Lavendar Medium Hard: Synthetic/wool Birch or Rattan
IBR5 or IBB5 Smooth Bass Navy Blue/Purple Very Soft: Wool/wool Birch or Rattan
IBR6 or IBB6 Power Bass Navy Blue/Blue Medium Soft: Synthetic/wool Birch or Rattan