Katarzyna Mycka Signature Mallets

Katazyna Mycka

The Katarzyna Mycka Professional Mallet Series was developed to project maximum sound in orchestral and ensemble settings.

Each of these weighted mallets is wrapped very tightly with two strands of synthetic yarn.

The heads, tightly wrapped in Nylon, provide excellent articulation, while the heavy weight yields an immediate response from the keyboard that is required for ensemble and orchestra playing.

This heavier mallet weight brings out the warmth of the marimba by physically activating the fundamental frequencies in the bars. Katarzyna's series consists of seven mallets in varying hardness, available with both birch and rattan handles.

Model # Yarn Color Hardness Handle
KMB1 or KMR1 Champagne/Navy Blue Very Hard Birch or Rattan
KMB2 or KMR2 Champagne/Forest Green Hard Birch or Rattan
KMB3 or KMR3  Champagne/Dark Aqua Medium Hard Birch or Rattan
KMB4 or KMR4 Champagne/Straw Medium Birch or Rattan
KMB5 or KMR5 Champagne/Royal Blue Medium Soft Birch or Rattan
KMB6 or KMR6 Champagne/Dark Cherry Soft Birch or Rattan
KMB7 or KMR7 Champagne/Light Purple Very Soft Birch or Rattan