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The culmination of 30 years of acoustic research, engineering and craftsmanship, this is simply the finest marimba ever built.

Sound Innovation

This is the synthesis of 30 years of voicing experience in our marimbas, introduced altogether in the marimba one Izzy™: resonator harmonic filters for a smoother, more balanced sound, updated resonator tuning to maximize sound potential, and voicing options on both our resonators and keyboards--hand tuned in California from Rosewood cut at our new mill in Central America. 

Highly Engineered Frame;

The complete re-design of the end frames and rails on the  marimba one Izzy™ includes refinements never before been seen on marimbas. From our combination aluminum and wood rails with laser engraving to the incredibly durable frame hardware—The  marimba one Izzy™ is in a class all its own.

Easy Height-Adjustment

Our ultra-smooth pneumatic height adjustment system is functional and durable--never slips, easy to use.  Built-in tape measures insure your preferred keyboard height. We only use US-grade certified hardware on our marimbas which are 100% made in Arcata, California, USA.