Keyboard Voicing Options

Marimba Keyboard

High-Grade Honduran Rosewood on Every Marimba

We select the finest rosewood to craft out keyboards that give the marimba onesignature sound: a bright and clear treble end, an even and balanced middle section, and a dark, strong bass end. This is where we start - and where the competition ends. 

We assess potential bar quality from the resonance of the untuned bar, and how it feels in our hand as we hold it and tap on it. If a blank does not resonate well, it is unlikely it will sound good when tuned! We only use those bars that have concert quality potential.

Together with our customers, we discuss how the marimba should sound. Each keyboard is then carefully selected to meet your voicing preferences. Individualized keyboard voicing is essential to any high-quality marimba!

You can create your own acoustic combination by choosing not only your keyboard but also your resonator voicing. Then you can select the marimba frame that best suits you, and we'll build you a marimba. 

Would you like to configure your dream marimba's acoustics and frames? You can do it here!