Marimba One Frames


Hand-crafted Instruments by marimba oneArtisans and Engineers

Our elegant frames are designed to be functional, durable and beautiful. As our chief woodworker will tell you, all of our woods are solid hardwood - we do not use any stains to falsely color the wood. Choose from traditional cherry or golden mahogany. Our Soloist frame is custom built to your height. Our height adjustable marimba one Izzy™ and our marimba one 3100™ frames allow for easy set-up and breakdown - ideal for school and group use.

 At marimba one, we developed sway blocks to connect rails and resonators and to stabilize the keyboard. Our marimbas are always free of rattles or buzzes.

All our marimbas have the distinctive S-curve resonator shape that is our trademark design. 

Download our frame comparison chart.