Innovations in Sound

Innovation is at the heart of Marimba One. We are the only company to offer two levels of resonator voicing as well as three levels of keyboard voicing. This marriage of resonators and keyboard not only delivers a superior sound it delivers an almost infinitely customizable sound profile - you choose which sound you desire. We put this acoustic combination on top of some of the most innovative and elegant frames available on any musical instrument. Whether It’s our fixed height soloist perfect for the professional performer or the easy to adjust Izzy that is a great fit for rotating players needs, a Marimba One frame is a true work of art in any setting from class room to concert hall. Does the innovation stop there? No. We look at every detail that effects sound. We pursue the perfect sound. 

Master Tuning

We use strobe tuners to allow us to quantify the bar's harmonics. However, a strobe tuner cannot judge the quality of a bar. Our master tuners work with each and every bar to determine which bars qualify to become part of a marimba one™ keyboard, and to bring each of those bars to its highest potential.

Keyboard Voicing 

Each bar behaves uniquely, holding the secret of its own character, that can be unlocked only with careful listening and observation. we maintain an inventory of more than 100 sets of bars at all times. By having thousands of bars from which to select each keyboard, we can guarantee a marimba that is masterfully voiced.

Basso Bravo Resonators

Innovated by Ron Samuels, our Basso Bravo resonator voicing was developed for players desiring a darker and warmer bass sound. With dramatic presence and strength our Basso Bravo resonators are warmer, darker, and louder bass end on the marimba--as if you turned up the volume on the fundamental frequencies on the bass end and turned down the volume of the overtones. 

Bar Cords

Our custom-made bar cord has a soft and fuzzy outside sheath, even when under tension. This fuzzy sheath eliminates any cord noise created from within holes in the bars. Our bar cord ends have a flexible, shrunken tip that makes it easy to thread the bars. Our unique cleat spring allows you to adjust cord tension without undoing the knot in the cord. 

Resonator Harmonic Filters

Think of noise-cancelling headphones. Our harmonic filters are designed to attenuate upper harmonics that when too loud would detract from the strength of the fundamental.

Precision Height Adjustment

Our 3100™ series frames feature a hand crank for the most pression micro height adjustment. Our Izzy™ frame features an ultra-smooth pneumatic height adjustment system is functional and durable--never slips, easy to use. Built-in tape measures insure your preferred keyboard height. 

Flexible Rail Pins

Flexible rail pins virtually eliminate the risk of damaging the rail and headboard. These innovative flexible rail pins also prevent the transfer of sound vibrations to the frame