Resonator Voicing and Color Options


At marimba one, we apply the same professional craftsmanship to resonator tuning as we do to our keyboards. We use thirteen different sizes of round and oval tubing on our 5 octave marimbas to ensure a smooth and balanced sound across the range of the keyboard

Choose between our Classic Resonators for a warm, dark resonance and our revolutionary Basso Bravo Resonators for a more powerful bass end and a focused fundamental. 

marimba oneis the original designer and trademark owner of the distinctive s-curve resonator shape. The beauty of the S-curve shape mirrors the beauty of the marimba sound.

Click here to see our various resonator colors. marimba one™ resonators are available in black, burgundy, and gold. Match them with the wood of your choice for the look that you prefer. Resonators can be tuned to A440, A442, or A443, precisely matching the frequency of your bars.

Would you like to configure your dream marimba's acoustics and frame? You can do it here.

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