Your Sound

marimba one is the only company that offers two acoustic levels of resonator voicing and three acoustic levels of keyboard voicing. Musicians tell us that they want keyboard response to be even and balanced from the treble end to the bass end. In response, marimba one innovated ‘keyboard voicing’ which means that we select bars for the entire keyboard that have the same character in terms of strength of fundamental and overtones.

To match and balance well across the range of a marimba requires a very large inventory of bars from which to create keyboards.

At marimba one, we maintain a consistent supply of at least 75 sets of 5 1/2 octave bars in our temperature controlled tuning rooms. Each bar is graded out in accordance to keyboard level: Traditional, Enhanced, and Premium Keyboard Voicing.  

Having 75 tuned sets of bars on hand also allows us to select for keyboards that are more resonant, darker or brighter sounding, and bars that produce an amazing amount of sound.

A voiced marimba acts as a cohesive unit, as if all of the rosewood came from one tree. Any differences in ring time and tone color are very subtle from bar to bar.

Our keyboard is matched with your choice of resonators to create the sound that you want. 

All roads led to Ron Samuels and marimba one. We talked about what my needs and expectations were and he went and built me an instrument that exceeded all my expectations. It's a thing of beauty, both sonically and visually. I've already used it in my latest score. It plays and records wonderfully. Thank you marimba one

Danny Elfman, Composer, Musician

Samuels on Sound