One Vibe Reviews

What musicians say about One Vibe™ by marimba one™



Beverley Johnston

"I have just received my new One Vibe™ and I'm loving it!  Ron and the marimba one™ team have yet again engineered a beautiful keyboard instrument which will withstand the test of time.  The bars sing beautifully.  The frame is extremely solid and durable and they have also kept their beautiful "signature" arc design on the resonators. A ton of thought has gone into the design of this instrument and as with my marimba one™ marimba, I feel the warmth every time I play....a sure way to keep the creative juices flowing!  Congrats marimba one™!"


Colin Currie 

"The One Vibe™ is fantastic! It really sounds amazing, I can't say enough about how much sound there is. It feels easy to play, natural, nothing awkward about it. This is a really sustaining instrument."

Jochen Schorrer

"The One Vibe™ : it's perfect!"

Friedmann Stert 

"End of December I received the new One Vibe™ via Musikhaus Thomann. It has a very special warm powerful sound, I like it.  Thanks for this practical construction. I also like the light frame design with the typically marimba one™ resonators.

Michael Downing 

"I love how easy the One Vibe™ was to put together. The best feature by far was the motor that always keeps the fans open. That was so handy because I had several points where I needed to turn the motor on and off during the piece. Playing on it was a treat!"

Josh Graham 

"I played the One Vibe™ yesterday. All I can say is wow!

Exactly what I was hoping for: dark, warm, but with a wide dynamic range in all registers. I was especially impressed by the low end. Even with very hard mallets the pitch was focused and clear (not the case with most instruments).

The frame design and pedal were fantastic. I love the strap instead of a rod, great idea. The height adjustment worked wonderfully.

I'm definitely hooked."

Michael Benedict

I just received my One Vibe and I could not be happier! It is everything that I had hoped for and more.  The sound of the instrument is “Pure” and incorporates a perfect combination of traditional and modern vibraphone.  The frame is modern, sleek, super sturdy and easy to assemble.  The smooth pedal and gas spring height adjustments are a cinch to maneuver.  The fans in the resonators are magnetically operated so that there is never a need to hook up belts.  The variable speed motor is completely silent and smooth and automatically leaves the fans in an open position when turned off.  To top things off, the resonators have the unique Marimba One design which sets this instrument apart from any other.  This is certainly the best vibraphone that I have ever played.

Mike Jones

The One Vibe™ sounds great! Thank you so much for all your work on it.

Jeff Calissi

"We love our new One Vibe™!"

Chris Demetriou

I wanted to reach out and just say THANK YOU so much for all the assistance in purchasing my OneVibe. I absolutely love the instrument, and am thrilled to be playing on it. There was clearly a lot of attention to detail in the design, and it really does make for a wonderful instrument to perform on. Looking forward to enjoying it for many years!

MJ Fabian

Thank you so much, I love it!

Judson University

"Thank you for the wonderful vibraphone. We are totally delighted with it and it has already been in two concerts.

You have done an outstanding job in making an instrument that addresses the needs and desires of both a working percussionist as well as the heavy use involved with colleges and universities."