Premium/Basso Bravo

In our top-of-the-line instrument, we marry our Premium Keyboard with Basso Bravo resonators to boost the bass end sound to an extraordinary level. This is our proudest concert-level instrument.

Premium/Basso Bravo Institutions

Arizona School for the Arts
Birmingham Conservatory
College of the Dreyfoos School of the Arts
College of the Sequoias
Colorado State University
Grand Canyon University
Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School
Manifold Recording Studio
Music Academy of the West
Naperville Central High School
New England Conservatory of Music
Oberlin Conservatory of Music
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Qatar National Symphony Orchestra
Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra
Sibelius-Academy/University of Arts
Stadium High School
Toledo Symphony
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of Trinidad and Tobago
University of Utah School of Music

Premium/Basso Bravo Reviews

Marimba One has one of the longest ring lengths and exceptional bar quality of any marimba manufacturer. The instrument is a terrific mix of playability, portability, and visual appeal. No other marimba retains its sound quality or beauty like the Marimba One. The quality and the ability of the Marimba One to sound outstanding over time is unmatched. I haven't found an instrument that works so well in so many situations. Best wishes.

Colorado State University

I just  wanted to say thank you all for building the marimba one for me! It's been incredible to play wonderful music on such a beautiful instrument, I really couldn't have asked for a better instrument.-- Emily Liu

Emily Liu


The new marimba is just terrific!  What a beautiful consistent dark sound throughout the keyboard.  The craftsmanship is also world class.  Please thank all involved for their excellent work.  I know that I will enjoy the instrument for years to come.

Dave Johnson

Leander, Texas

Dave Johnson

I received my marimba last Wednesday and have been playing it ever since.  It sounds beautiful and I could not be happier with it.


Tyler Carpenter


Tyler Carpenter

I know Eric Hollenbeck, Professor at Colorado State University, and played his 5.0 octave 'Marimba One' instrument and fell in love with it!  It's now my standard for 'the best' marimbas.  It out performed all other marimbas I've played, and I've played many.

Teag Solberg

Marimba One Experience
Alvin Lane Jr. is a percussion major at the University of Kentucky. As he began to specialize in the Marimba, he desired very much to purchase one. He considered a purchase of such a significant instrument a once is a lifetime purchase. As he studied and conducted research on Marimba options, he was very convinced that a custom made Marimba from Marimba One was his choice. He could not be persuaded to consider a used instrument or a Yamaha. Yamaha was the manufacturer of choice for the University of Kentucky.
Such a considerable purchase was not considered in reach.

I suggested that he consider applying for scholarships. He applied for a number of scholarships. He also competed for an instrument scholarship with Yamaha. He was turned down for each scholarship that he applied for. He also was not the finalist for the Yamaha scholarship.

But a number of wonderful things happened as he did everything he could do.
1. The percussion department at UK observed Alvin’s diligence and his improvement and offered him a scholarship for his Junior and Senior year.
2. His performance tape for Yamaha was shared with Marimba One and they offered him a discount on a marimba.

As a result the decision was made to proceed with the purchase. Alvin selected the Marimba that met his need for height adjustment and quality of sound.  As he discussed his preferences, the head of the percussion department indicated that he also considered Marimba One instruments as a premier instrument. The reason they had Yamaha was because of the discounts over the years.
Once the instrument was constructed and delivered, Alvin was delighted.  It has been a tremendous resource for additional practice time and improvement in the quality of his performances. He is very pleased with his purchase.
He had the opportunity in the summer of 2010 to participate in the Zeltsman Music Festival and Program.

Alvin Lane