The World’s Finest Percussion Keyboards and Mallets

Designed, engineered, and built from the ground up in Arcata, California, USA


Created for players of all levels, these are the best designed, highest quality educational mallet percussion instruments available on the market, all at affordable prices

3.0 oct Padauk Educational Marimba 
$1,999 (US) #E8101

4.3 oct Padauk Educational Marimba 
Starting at $5,799 (US) #E8201

4.3 oct Padauk Educational Practice Marimba
$3,899 (US) #E8401

5.0 oct Padauk Educational Practice Marimba
$4,299 (US) #E8501

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Our Marimbas

Innovation and quality of sound is at the heart of Marimba One. We are the only percussion instrument manufacturer that offers two levels of resonator voicing and three levels of keyboard voicing on our 5.0 and 5.5 octave marimbas. And with the additon of our new Marimba One Motif 4.3 octave marimba we offer our Classic Resonators with two keyboard voicing options.

4.3oct Motif Rosewood Marimba starting at $7,699 (US) #8301
5.0oct Wave Rosewood Marimba starting at $12,799 (US) #9601

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Our Vibraphones

Our highly regarded 3 octave One Vibe has a reputation for its warmth and resonance. The legendary vibes of the 1970's were our inspiration when we set out to reproduce this feel and sound. And with the introduction of the Marimba One Wave model, our sought-after One Vibe sound can be transitioned to the front ensemble. Available in gold, silver, blue, black, and red bar finishes. 

3.0 oct Silver Bars, No Motor starting at $5,799 (US) #9011

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Our Xylophones

The NEW M1 Xylophone that we have created has unparalleled clarity and projection. The keyboards and resonators are voiced using the same processes and techniques that we use on all of our marimbas. With our unique design and brilliant sounding bars, both our Concert and Wave Xylophones are guaranteed to become the preferred choice. 

3.5oct Rosewood Xylophone starting at $5,499 (US) #9701
4.0oct Rosewood Xylophone starting at $5,799 (US) #9711

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We Are Passionate About Hand Crafting Your Sound


To pursue the perfect sound, every piece of rosewood crafted on our marimbas has been indivually inspected by our own tuners in Central America. By working closely with our mills to cut the trees and mill the rosewood according to our exact specifications, we are insuring that every bar will produce the best possible sound directly from the source.

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