An exciting new creation by Ron Samuels

An Instrument To Inspire Creativity For Everyone, Both Musicians and Non-Musicians

Designed for 1, 2, or more players facing each other.

Offers endless possibilities for contemporary percussion compositions.

Perfect for the sound bath experience. Compliments meditation bowls, hand pans, and tuned gongs.

Includes 2 pair of M1 Mallets.

Starting at $6,999 (US$) Plus Shipping

There will be 12 limited First Editions sold. Each will include Enhanced Rosewood Bars, a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Ron Samuels, and a special "First Edition" laser engraved designation





Tuning Frequency

The Jewel Marimba is offered in A432, A440, A442, and A443 tuning frequencies. Other tuning frequencies are available upon request.

All tone bars on the Jewel Marimba are made from ethically sourced Honduran Rosewood and are tuned by Marimba One’s Master Tuners, guaranteeing you a world-class sound.

Bar size is larger resulting in a bigger, warmer, and darker sound than our concert marimbas.

Our Patent Pending Suspension Hardware is designed to attenuate the upper harmonics emphasizing the fundamental frequency of the bar, making it very dark and warm.

Just Tuning

Just tuning means that the musical distance between the notes is based on the naturally occurring harmonic series. The result is an unusually warm and harmonically rich sound. The keyboard is diatonic - the “white keys” on a piano. Meaning that all the notes will sound good together. We also offer our Marimba One concert tuning on the Jewel marimba.

Voicing of the Jewel Marimba

Our Jewel marimbas are tuned by Marimba One master tuners. The voicing process is identical to our concert marimba voicing process in that we match warmth and resonance on all the bars so that as you play up and down the keyboard the sound is always even and balanced. We use a variety of Rosewood grain patterns for both beauty of sound and wood. Because we are using larger tone bars on the Jewel marimba than our concert marimbas, the Jewel has a much bigger and warmer sound than do our concert marimbas.


Frame Features

  • Built with heavy-walled lightweight aluminum for strength and durability
  • Resonators powder coated with midnight-blue finish, frame in black finish
  • 8” inch locking rubber wheels for easy rolling
  • Less than 10 minutes to assemble or disassemble for easy transportation
  • Designed to be played on in either an indoor or outdoor setting
  • Patent Pending Suspension Hardware eliminates the need for traditional marimba bar cord



#J1001 Marimba One Jewel; Just Tuning; Traditional Rosewood Keyboard
Our Traditional keyboard voicing on our Jewel marimba is warm and resonant throughout the entire range of the instrument.  It is voiced to be even and balanced as you play up and down the keyboard.

#J1002 Marimba One Jewel; Just Tuning; Enhanced Rosewood Keyboard
Our Enhanced keyboard voicing is selected from Rosewood that is even more warm and resonant than our Traditional keyboard. It responds to a light touch and can fill a large room or outdoor space with its warm and enveloping sound. 

#J1003 Marimba One Jewel; Just Tuning; Premium Rosewood Keyboard
Our Premium keyboard is selected from the rarest of Rosewood. It has the most warmth and resonance of any marimba we make. The Premium keyboard offers a lifetime opportunity for a rare and extraordinary instrument. It responds to the very lightest of touch and can easily fill a large performance hall or outdoor space with the most beautiful sound imaginable.

Concert Tuning available at no additional charge
Frequency A432 A440 A442 or A443