The 3 octave One Vibe™ is the result of our quest for that famous '70s sound - a resonant and warm, full projection vibraphone that is also easy to transport, assemble, and height adjustable. And with the NEW Marimba One Wave frame option, our legendary One Vibe sound can be transitioned to the front ensemble 

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Vibraphone

Introducing the ONE VIBE Limited Edition.

  • 3 octaves with stealth black keys and our exclusive aged copper finished resonators
  • Special ‘Limited Edition’ designation laser engraved on #4 rail (audience side)
  • Each One Vibe LE is personally signed by Ron Samuels


Exclusive Authorized Dealers for the One Vibe Limited Edition:
Contact International Dealers For Availability
Beijing Teng Yu Ningxin (China) - 1 Available
Murbach Musik (Switzerland) - 1 Available
Optimum Percussion (Australia) - 2 Available
Rythmes et Sons (France) - 1 Available
SONS Music Store (Spain) - 1 Available



One Vibe™


# 9011 Silver no motor
# 9012 Gold no motor
# 9001 Silver with motor
# 9002 Gold with motor

Tuning Options: *Please specify when ordering
A=440 Typically used in a jazz setting
A=442 Typically used in an ensemble, orchestra, or band setting

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One Vibe Features


Protect Your Investment

The best designed and most durable vibe cases on the market! Stackable, with wheels on the frame case for easy load-in and out, we also included heavy-duty zippers, handles, and shoulder straps. Offered as a set of 3.

Vibraphone Cases


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