Merging Craftsmanship and Artistry

From the concert hall, to the percussion studio, or the front ensemble our elite instruments are beautifully handcrafted to inspire musicianship and passion. By considering every painstaking detail that affects sound and quality craftsmanship, our marimbas have become world-renowned for meeting the demands and expectations of discerning artists, educators, and students.

All of our frames can be combined with one of our acoustic combination packages to achieve your distinct sound

Four easy steps to ordering your customized hand-built marimba:

1) Select one of 2 resonator options (Classic or Basso Bravo)

2) Select one of 3 keyboard options (Traditional, Enhanced, or Premium)

3) Select one of 4 frame options (Wave, Izzy, 3100, or Soloist)

4) Place order. Ships within 7-8 weeks!

See specifications and pricing options below

Marimba Models


Concert Marimbas:

Rosewood Keyboards available in three grades: Traditional, Enhanced and Premium featuring rich harmonics and sustain. Classic Resonators or Basso Bravo Resonators for warmer, richer and louder bass.

Wave Marimbas:

Offered pre-configured in either the 4.3 octave rosewood marimba with the Classic Resonators and 3 keyboard voicing options, or the 5.0 octave rosewood marimba where you may choose from one of six acoustic combinations for the keyboard and resonator voicings. 


Acoustic Combinations

 compare the six acoustic combinations and get U.S. $ pricing


Frame, Rail, and Resonator Options

Our frames are designed and constructed to last for many decades. This superior durability ensures that our marimbas will outlast older marimbas from the past.  All of our frames are built by our team of dedicated craftspeople in Arcata, California offering four frame options.  Four of our frame systems are height adjustable - the Izzy, 3100, Wave, and the new 4.3 and 5.0 octave Educational Series marimbas.


Protect your instruments!

To protect your investment and transport your marimba, we offer a set of 7 durable Cordura cases. The dense foam padding protects from shock and the resonator case and rail bags both come with wheels and multiple handles for easy transport.

Marimba Cases


Learn more about our NEW indoor/outdoor Wave Marimba

M1 Wave Marimba