Jalen Baker

I love these cases. They are by far the best on the market. It's literally not even close. The fact that you can load in the instrument in one trip cuts out about 15-20 minutes of overall set up time. Total game changer!

Bryan Jeffs
Rogue Community College Music Department Coordinator

"It looks great and sounds amazing...I look forward to playing it with my students for years to come!"

Sunnie Giles

Thank you so much! We love our marimba!

Maki Takafuji
Professor of Marimba at Nagoya College of Music

Thank you so much for the wonderful marimba! My students are so happy to have two Marimba Ones!

Peter Yang

The instrument is awesome. 

Bill Leather

Just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful instruments! Finally got the marimba and xylophone constructed today. Absolutely gorgeous!

Virginia Alcarria de la Fuente

I had been thinking of buying a Marimba One for a long time. I have always liked them, and their sound is undoubtedly excellent. A few months ago I decided and ordered a Marimba One Izzy with classic resonators, enhanced keyboard, and wood frames (along with the cases).

Luckily my marimba arrived at my house yesterday. The first thing that caught my attention is how perfectly packaged they sent it to me, they did not skimp on anything so that my marimba could reach my house in the best possible way. It also came perfectly stored in the cases, which are comfortable, light, and very easy to handle!

The next thing that caught my attention was the ease of ensemble it.

Then followed the colors of the resonators, frames,  bars…. I honestly think it is the most beautiful marimba I have ever seen!!

And to finish, I leave the best, the sound. I was sure it would sound great, but I couldn't have guessed how good. From the first moment, it resonates and fills my room with a warm and pleasant sound.

Thank you very much to Marimba One for the magnificent job you have done… at last I have a marimba again and I can enjoy playing music!!

Adam Snow
Cal State University Los Angeles

The marimba is absolutely gorgeous and we are thrilled to have this new addition in our collection at Cal State LA! Due to the fact that we are teaching remote this semester, I actually have it here at my home studio for the time being and I must say that I love playing it. Over the years, I have always been impressed with the quality of your instruments and this marimba is no exception. Thanks for your attention during the ordering process and the personal touches. That goes a long way these days. This is our 2nd M1 marimba at CSULA along with our One Vibe purchased last year. I look forward to our next purchase with you!

Michael Rosen

I just unpacked and set-up our new MarimbaOne xylophone today and am delighted with the instrument.  The entire register is responsive to a light touch with a hard stick and I am glad to see that no matter how hard I hit the bar and no matter how hard the mallet is, there is no dent or damage to the bars. I discovered that there is no need to use the hardest xylophone mallet because of the quick response and carrying ability of the sound.  No need to overplay. The upper register is brilliant and silvery sounding with bright overtones that carries down to the middle register with ease. The lower register has much more resonance than is usual and reminds me of xylophones from the 1930s.  The tone is full, rich and rings well in tune (I chose A=442 that I recommend) right up to the middle C. The intonation is clear and consistent throughout the entire range. I am particularly impressed with the frame: the instrument moves easily on large wheels, has a height adjustment and is very sturdy.  I am confident that this instrument will last a long time even with the constant daily use of my students both practicing and performing in ensembles.  Bravo MarimbaOne!

Shane Mulligan and Lusha Anthony, Shanghai China

We really couldn’t be happier with our new One Vibe. The sound, feel, and look of the instrument are all exceptional. Thank you again so much for making this happen, we appreciate it immensely!

George Nickson

Thanks so much for the welcoming us to the factory, it was wonderful to see the amazing things you all do there. I'm always partial to the Wave mallets as they were the sound that helped me to win my position here at the Dallas Symphony!

James Doyle

I’m loving my One Vibe! It’s a remarkable instrument in so many ways—thank you for your brilliance!

Corey Robinson

Just yesterday I got to unpack the marimba you made for us at Midwestern State University. Everything looks and sounds incredible. I could not have asked for a higher quality instrument. The students will get some great use out of the instrument this semester and beyond. I'm always excited to be able to represent the Marimba One company in any way that I can. Thank you!

Kathleen Kastner

Let me first say how beautiful those instruments look and sound!! I have – over many decades -experienced a variety of keyboard instruments and I was so struck by the design and detail of your instruments  up close – the pedal mechanism, the fit of the xylophone and marimba rails and more. I have appreciated that with our previous marimbas from you, but the improvements as well as the impression of assembling three instruments in one afternoon was stunning. Wow – truly beautiful craftsmanship!  Also, I could see the care and detail even in the wrapping of all the parts…all of that speaks to your outstanding approach to workmanship on all levels! Thank you and your employees!

Kurt Rueterbusch

All I can say is... wow! What a fabulous instrument. The wood is gorgeous and the tone is perfect. My son, Karl, was ecstatic. It was Christmas in July! We just finished setting up the marimba today, and he has been playing it non-stop. Yes, the wonderful mallets and mallet bag were carefully tucked into one of the larger bags. Thank you so much for including those. Karl wants to make a video for you and the whole team tomorrow. 

Matthew Coley

The new 4.3-octave Wave marimba that Heartland Marimba has recently added to their fleet for touring, is a perfect addition for the intense, on-the-road concert situations. While the sleek, modern frame fits in quite comfortably in any concert space atmosphere, it also compliments the other Marimba One 5-octave instruments we have on stage. I typically play this instrument in the quartet, as I'm playing the top-voice parts, and the bright and bold sound of the instrument matches right where it should within the texture. Being a tall person, I need a quick, smooth, and reliable height adjustment system, which Marimba One has deftly produced for their instruments! Thank you to the wonderful M1 team!!

Adam Gilberti

Thanks for making such a wonderful and beautiful instrument for me. Its truly the best I've ever played!

Mauricio Castellano

Absolutely wonderful instrument!! Thank you so much. A great addition to my studio. Amazing sound and build quality!

Brian Keith Etheridge

My new One Vibe looks and sounds amazing!  Totally in tune with my Izzy marimba.  The two are already fast friends and excited to add the xylophone!  Thanks again for everything.  M1 is literally the best!


Hi, I messaged Marimba One a few months ago with an appreciation message, telling you all how much I look up to the company, and how much I dreamed of owning all of your mallets before college. You responded so kindly to my message, which only affirmed my mission to support the company— a mission I’m still continuing even during this time of economic instability. I can proudly say I own 5 full sets of Marimba One mallets, including the WaveWrap, Conrado Moya, Ivana Billic, Katarzyna Mycka, and Round Sound series. I also have started on the Double Helix and Beverly Johnston series. One day, I’ll even have my own Izzy, and be teaching percussion as a career. I wanted to send this message just to thank you for your drive to perfect your craft, and your compassion and ability to satisfy each customer. So thank you to each person helping Me achieve my goals and prepare myself for college and my future career. It truly means a lot to have caring companies who support us, and it’s just as important to support those companies in this time.

Brian Keith Etheridge

The only thing better than the marimba you made for us, was your personal service, attention and kindness over the many months we discussed us purchasing our first marimba.  That, and your attention to detail, is what has us leaning towards having all Marimba one mallet instruments in our house!  I’ve been tirelessly spreading the word about you and your instruments since our first email. Brian plays a 9505 Izzy with Basso Bravo resonator voicing and Enhanced keyboard voicing.

Robert Brown

Thank you so much for this completely stunning instrument. Due to COVID19 public school closures, I am teaching online and using my marimba to do that in addition to getting a ton of personal practice time! I am so impressed by the quality of this instrument and your dedication to fine craftsmenship. I've just been accepted to University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music for my Master of Music degree. I can't wait to play on the lovely instruments you made for Michael and the University of the Pacific as well. Looking forward to many years of playing!

Nathaniel Ralph

"I love the idea of having a more durable frame but still maintaining the beautiful look. Super well done. Bravo!"

Michael Smith

"The FEM mallets have been great. I've been using them mostly for two mallet literature and they get a great sound out of the instrument; I'd never even know they were front ensemble mallets without the brand label, since they get such a warm and full sound out of a concert instrument.

Chris Natale

Loving my marimba!

Mr. and Mrs. Charlton

Thanks for all your help and for creating such a wonderful instrument. Ian has been loving it and composing new music since he set it up, so it’s certainly inspirational.

Tyler Sheu

I wanted to start off by saying a huge thank you to you, and to the entire team at Marimba One! Your kindness is greatly appreciated by me, and my school. Not in a million years would I have imagined our school to have such an amazing instrument for students to use, and without your help, none of this would have happened!  Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, and my school. I really appreciate it!

Dr. Michael Bump

To no surprise, the marimba is beautiful in every way.  Simply an amazing instrument we are proud to have in the TSU Percussion Program.  Thank you for your unsurpassed craftsmanship and dedication.

Eric Pancer

Great job designing the vibraphone cases....you guys really hit a home run!!  I especially love the way the two banks of resonators are kept completely separate.

Tasha Becker

My marimba is still AMAZING! My roommate has practiced on it a bit and said, “wow, this is so nice. Why aren’t our marimbas in studio this nice?” That definitely made me beam. Loving the basso bravo resonators. 

Matt Holm

Thank you so much Ron! The instrument is absolutely perfect!

Karlyn Vina (Educational Artist, The School of Music at Florida International University)

My marimba is sounding FABULOUS after the retuning this summer!!! I had tears in my eyes the first time I played it after the bars came back. Thanks so much for the great work!!

Austin Keck

Your dedication to the craftsmanship and precision in every detail does not go unnoticed. Marimba One is, and forever will be the most expressive instrument in the world. Marimba One is effortless and seamless to play on, and sings beautifully with every stroke. Thank you so much for creating an instrument that allows me to express my personality and my voice as a musician.

Velis (Sofia, Bulgaria)

I got the marimba in my car and now it is home. Indeed you did a really good job! You promised a fine instrument and this is exactly what you did. Excellent work! I am really happy! Yesterday I got home about 2:30am and of course I directly started assembling, I was ready by 3 o'clock and I just enjoyed the very first sounds. I was playing till 5 in the morning and then I got to bed. Definitely it was a good night! Thanks again!

José David Rodríguez Ramirez (Percusionista - Director)

Dear Ron - I’m very happy with my new marimba. The Wave frame is beautiful!!! I’m writing to thank you for all the help and attention given, I am very happy to be able to study in my home at the time I want! Thanks for your help. A big hug!

Mark Kagan, Senior Academic Administrator, Department of Music - Brandeis University

The new marimba is working out very well. The Composers Conference at Brandeis used it extensively in late July and August. I anticipate it getting a lot of use this academic year with our New Music Brandeis concert series and our graduate composers. Thank you again for your assistance in helping the purchase go so smoothly.

Sam Rich (New Zealand Symphony Orchestra)

Thank you for all the hard work you and your team put into my beautiful instrument! I am loving the One Vibe! The cases are incredible also! 

Angela Kepley

The One Vibe cases are brilliantly designed. They are compact, innovative, and strong. The cases stack on top of one another for easy transport. I have no doubt that my instrument is protected to the maximum. When cases are in storage, they nestle inside one another perfectly and take up minimal space. These are the best instrument cases I have ever used.

Jordon Kamps

Now with the One Vibe cases from M1, it makes my already extremely portable One Vibe the best vibraphone for any percussionist moving gear from gig to gig. When I arrive, I just stack all the cases and wheel them in together. No need for multiple trips and killing my hands.

Bill Sanders

I selected the Marimba One One Vibe™️ both for its portability and it’s striking look. I take it to gigs and rehearsals at least twice a week, and the new cases protect the instrument when I roll in for that 10 minute, one person setup. It lifts with ease into the back of my Prius.

Henrik Cornelius Hansen (Principal Percussionist, South Denmark Philharmonic, Philharmonie Süddänemark)

We received both mine and the orchestras marimbas today and WOW - they sound astonishingly beautiful. What a pleasure to play these wonderful instruments. They have both their distinguished personality and still sound amazing together!

Kyle Roemer

The Marimba One Wave is a fantastic instrument. While the frame is made of a different material, the sound quality it produces is the same beautiful sound you have come to expect with Marimba One. The bars are still premium rosewood, and everything about the instrument is crafted to perfection. The built-in (and removable) accessory bar is a wonderful addition to the marimba, making it easy to mount a cymbal, snare drum, or any other instrument needed, and makes it possible to switch between them very quickly. I would highly recommend the Marimba One Wave to any percussionist looking to practice, perform, or teach.

Mike Jagen

The marimba is perfect - a truly beautiful instrument. Please send along my gratitude to your employees on crafting a wonderful marimba. We've had multiple (envious) band directors stop by to see and hear it. We are definitely Marimba One fans for life.

Tom and Luka

Greetings from Samobor Croatia! This is our first Wave in Croatia. Thank you very much for you cooperation. Luka will never forget today's unboxing. Our house is full of pleasant sounds of your marimba.

Don Kulinowski

The Izzy arrived today. You do a great job packaging the shipment and it arrived with no damage whatsoever. It looks & sounds great. My daughter is thrilled beyond belief. Thank you again for a great instrument!

Kathleen Kastner, Wheaton College

I just got the newly retuned bars and the instrument sounds amazing!! Many thanks to you and your tuner for transforming our instrument!


Dear Ron,

thank you so much for this wonderful vibraphone! We are really happy and enjoy the fantastic sound. Your service is excellent - everything was just perfect!



Keith Sorensen

Hi Ron,

I've been trying to get a Marimba One for about 15 years, and we finally got one! Thank you for the care and attention to detail that these instruments display. Our program has instantly changed.



Mr. Keith Sorensen
Director of Bands
Clearfield High School
931 S 1000 E
Clearfield UT 84015

Ben Ruetten

Thank you for the wonderful marimba we recently purchased and received. It is everything we could have hoped for and more! 

Ben Ruetten
Berlin High School


Russ Osborn

Dear Ron Samuels & Team:

I received and assembled my marimba today, and I am beside myself with glee. I had high hopes and expectations, and you have exceeded them. The marimba is stunningly beautiful in every way: sound, sight, and engineering. Color and grain are exactly what I wanted, and even more beautiful than I imagined. The sound gives me goosebumps. Hats off to all of you. You have made me a very happy man!! :)

Please share this message with the build team, tuner, etc.

All the Best,

Russ Osborn
Baltimore, MD


Jonathan Lauff

Hi –

The marimba is beautiful, and it sounds incredible!  Putting it together yesterday was a real blast, too. My percussionist colleague and I kept saying, "Wait. Is it really this easy to put together?" You guys have thought of everything in the design, the packing, the construction, and you even pre-strung the bars. Absolutely wonderful!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!


Jonathan Lauff
Neuqua Valley High School
National GRAMMY Signature School
Fine Arts Department Chair


Mark Shina

The marimba came! Elijah put it together in 2.2 seconds and loves it! He hasn't stopped practicing since it arrived.
Thanks to everyone! You people are the best!
Mark Shina.      

Fia Forslund

I love working with my current project and playing different instruments, old as well as new. But how I miss my darling marimba and getting to spend time with her. She speaks the language of my soul. The ancient sound of wood and nature.

John Gilchrist

I always recommend your instruments highly to friends and colleagues!
Thanks again,
John Gilchrist

Charles Pisarra

Thank you, Ron. It's been our please here at Union Public Schools to have had a Marimba One for use by our students since 2003 (as I recall). We were excited to be able to add another Marimba One instrument to our inventory this year; you've been producing incredible instruments for many, many years, and it's our pleasure for our students to have the privilege to play them.
Thanks again,
Charles Pisarra
Union Public Schools


Kathryn Ripley

I just wanted to let you know that the marimba arrived on Friday and is absolutely beautiful. We are thrilled to be the owners of this instrument.  Thank you for making this quality marimba.

Kathryn Ripley

Kenosha Unified School District

Director Tremper Band

Lia Thomas, Corvallis High School

Hi Ron!
I can't thank you enough for the tour yesterday! We were able to put our new marimba together in our percussion class no problem.  The kids were completely thrilled and the admin and teachers kept coming in to look at it.  Thank you for a great experience and sharing your expertise with my students and admin.

Lia Thomas
Corvallis High School 

Bruce Davies

I love it, absolutely love it. Super impressed with the shipping containers and packaging.   Thank you!   

Stick It Percussion

On behalf of myself and my percussion rental service Stick !t Percussion thank you for creating such a wonderful instrument!
The bars are lively with real warmth to them.They sound focused and gorgeous!
The frame is rigid and strong, yet light with the superb wheels making movement precise and extremely easy.
This feature alone makes the One Vibe a welcome addition to my percussion rental service.
The adjustable damper and the magnetic drive system are really well designed and work really well.
Ron,I really enjoy playing this instrument. Its musical sound and design features turn heads and invite extremely positive comments always weather on stage or in the studio.
Congrats to you and your craftsmen on producing a great instrument.

Jed Leach

I have been unbelievably pleased with our new Izzy! It is without a doubt the best sounding marimba I have ever played on, and it is a perfect complement to our existing 3100 series marimba. I’ve never felt a marimba respond so quickly to nuance, or have a low end that sounds this good! Kudos to you and your team for making such a work of art!

Jed Leach
Georgetown ISD
Percussion Director

Danilo Lozano, Whittier College


Our students are thrilled to no end to have one of your vibraphones.  In the future, we look forward to purchasing a Marimba from you.  Thank you for making a great instrument and making it so that could purchase it. 


Steve Yaros


Thank you so much for the beautiful marimba! I absolutely love it!

It was a great pleasure doing business with you.

Take care,
Steve Yaros

Sean Wagoner, University of Oregon

Thank you for building us such a beautiful instrument!  It sounds fantastic and I know it will benefit us for many decades.


Lillian Fu

Thank you very much for the beautiful instrument. 

Victoria Sparks

Hi Ron,

thanks so much for building us a beautiful instrument! I love my own personal marimba one (purchased a couple of years ago) and I am delighted for my students to get the chance to get to develop their skills on such a beautiful instrument now at the U of Manitoba.
I’m regularly raving about these instruments and would be happy to recommend them to anyone who is looking for a new instrument.
thanks again for the beautiful marimba and for the kind note!

Victoria Sparks
University of Manitoba

Bentonville High School

Hi Ron,
Thank you for the note! We are absolutely loving the marimba!
Director of Percussion
Bentonville High School

Scott Baldwin, Reedy High School

"It is an AWESOME instrument!"

Michael Haldeman

You guys are seriously the best. Overnighting a marimba bar so that I have a superb sounding instrument for a concert...top notch customer service. It shows real care and passion for what you do, not to mention taking care of a customer. 

Hannah Weidner

"I received the mallets and the bag today... You guys have the best customer service and highest quality products, and no one comes close to being as helpful and understanding as you guys."

Cameron Figueroa

You guys are fantastic and the marimba is incredible.  I really appreciate all the work and precision you guys put into your craft.    The marimba is really incredible.  Truly a work of art.   The instrument is amazing. The best sounding keyboard I’ve come across and I can't thank you enough for it.

Cara Wildman

Thank you so much!  You guys are awesome and I love your instruments.  I'm so happy I have my Marimba :) :) :)

Gary Shuda

I've been quite busy but have been meaning to write you. Looks like you beat me to it! Thank you so much for the wonderful instrument that I received. I'm very happy with the consistency of the board and the new frame design is really nice. Aside from that, I was hopeful for a darker-colored board and that's exactly what I got. It's absolutely gorgeous. My first gig will be on Easter in a humungous church and I can't tell you how excited I am to hear it in that space!

Jingdong Hua

It's a truly beautiful instrument! Many thanks.

Mark Foster, Empire State Youth Orchestra

The marimba is wonderful. Everyone is very happy with both the instrument and the incredible way that you and Denise handled every part of the transaction. Your positivity and beautiful instruments will continue to have a lasting impact in our community.
Thanks again. 

Andrew Ferdig

Never have I had the pleasure of playing such a gorgeous instrument in auditory and visual beauty. Your hard work and dedication shows

Constantin Raducu

"Everything is perfect and playing on Marimba One it's more than a pleasure.

I cannot describe the feeling i have every morning when I touch the wood and an amazing sound comes all over the room...it's gorgeous!
I also would like to thank all the staff who worked on to make my dream comes true." 

Vibe Love

"I played the One Vibe at Carroll's last week, and I was very impressed.  It really sounds and feels like a vintage Musser.  The bars really sing, and I was especially taken with the dynamic range of the upper half. "

Nobue Matsuoka

Our new Marimba One is absolutely beautiful, well-constructed, and most importantly, it sounds amazing.
It has consistency in resonance throughout the entire range. There are no dead-sounding range or bars. Very happy with the decision to purchase this marimba. Thank you!

Nobue Matsuoka
American University
Washington D.C.

Charles Pisarra

Thank you, Ron. It's been our pleasure here at Union Public Schools to have had a Marimba One for use by our students since 2003 (as I recall). We were excited to be able to add another Marimba One instrument to our inventory this year; you've been producing incredible instruments for many, many years, and it's our pleasure for our students to have the privilege to play them.

Thanks again,

Charles Pisarra
Union Public Schools

Kevin G. Curry

Vibe is amazing great job!!

-Kevin G. Curry
East Coast Entertainment Group Inc.


Hi Denise,

Wow, thank you so much! Both you and Nicole have been extremely helpful and we love your great service and of course the products.



Bobby Lopez

"The sound is, and always has been, unmatched by any maker and this is why I chose Marimba One. "

Alex Merideth

"The marimba is awesome! It is by far one of the warmest sounding Marimba One instruments that I have played on. It will be played on by many current and future students as well as myself for many years to come."

Liz Guzman

"I cannot tell you how much I am in LOVE with my marimba. It has literally changed my whole approach to playing. Thank you for creating an amazing instrument for me! "

Jed Blodgett, Juan Diego Catholic High School

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the marimba arrived safely yesterday and it is beautiful. I couldn't be happier.
Thank you so much for the wonderful instrument and for all the help. We're lucky to have you in the business.