Ron and Rick in M1 Shop

M1 Featured in CompanyWeek Magazine

M1 is proud to have been slected to be featured in CompanyWeek online magazine, a leading manufacturing industry publication.

Posted On: October 29

Marimba One Announces Two New Round Sound Mallet Models

Introducing the NEW Medium Soft (RS2) and Medium Hard (RS4) to complete the series!  Our very popular Round Sound mallet delivers warm sound quality at an affordable price...

Posted On: October 23

Marimba One Announces The New Beverley Johnston Signature Series Mallets

The NEW Beverley Johnston Signature Series is extremely versatile and works well on both vibraphone AND marimba.

Posted On: October 23
Wave 4.3 oct with 8" wheels and accessory bar

Marimba One announces the newest addition to its line of marimbas

The Marimba One Wave 4.3 and 5.0 Octave Rosewood Marimba

Posted On: October 11