School Lease/Purchase Plans for Schools, Universities, and Music Boosters

Provided by BGE Financial, who offers flexible two, three, four, and five year plans.  A $3,000 minimum is required. The lease payments are once a year and may be paid off early. Schools who pay off early will recieve a rebate of unearned lease charges. Once the lease is paid in full, schools may purchase the instruments for $1. Affordable program financing has never been easier. If you would like to learn more about the School Lease/Purchase Plan, visit, or call 800-281-9606. 

Request a quote for your instruments prior to contacting BGE Financial at 

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Financing your Marimba One instruments - For Individuals

NoteWorthy Federal Credit Union, known as ‘the artist’s credit union,’ specializes in making musical instrument loans in the USA only. Go to

Here’s an example of how it works: Marimba One provides you with a quote for your instrument. You present it to NoteWorthy or a bank or credit union of your choice. If Noteworthy finances your instrument, you only pay a minimum of 10% down payment. To find out more, call Marimba One™ or contact NoteWorthy Credit Union directly at 1900 Superior Ave, Ste 126, Cleveland,  OH 44114; (216) 263-7034;

Example of financing an instrument (*Note that prices and rates may not be current):
Financing a marimba