Inspired by the famous and in-demand Deagan model 870 and 872 xylophones, our forward thinking design takes the M1 xylophone to a new level. Expanding upon JC Deagan’s curved #1 and #4 rails and resonators, we have created a xylophone with unparalleled clarity and projection. The rosewood used to make our xylophone bars comes from Belize and was personally selected in 2012 by Ron Samuels. This is the hardest rosewood that M1 has ever used—so hard in fact that it is nearly impossible to pit with normal playing techniques and mallets. The bars have a brilliance to them that no other manufacturer is making today, with an evenness and balance that will make the M1 xylophone the preferred choice. All of our xylophones are voiced using the same processes and techniques that we use on all of our marimbas. The concert xylophone is built with a lightweight, durable frame similar to the One Vibe with 4” locking casters.

"I just unpacked and set-up our new Marimba One xylophone today and am delighted with the instrument.  The entire register is responsive to a light touch with a hard stick and I am glad to see that no matter how hard I hit the bar and no matter how hard the mallet is, there is no dent or damage to the bars. I discovered that there is no need to use the hardest xylophone mallet because of the quick response and carrying ability of the sound.  No need to overplay. The upper register is brilliant and silvery sounding with bright overtones that carries down to the middle register with ease. The lower register has much more resonance than is usual and reminds me of xylophones from the 1930s.  The tone is full, rich and rings well in tune (I chose A=442 that I recommend) right up to the middle C.  The intonation is clear and consistent throughout the entire range. I am particularly impressed with the frame: the instrument moves easily on large wheels, has a height adjustment and is very sturdy.  I am confident that this instrument will last a long time even with the constant daily use of my students both practicing and performing in ensembles.  Bravo Marimba One!" - Michael Rosen, Oberlin Conservatory Percussion  (4 octave with Premium Keyboard and Classic Resonators)

Xylophone Features

3.5 or 4.0 Octave Rosewood Keyboard 

Rosewood bars available in our 3 grades: Traditional, Enhanced and Premium. This is extremely hard rosewood that is nearly impossible to dent with normal playing techniques and mallets. 

Aluminum Frame

Lightweight and durable with a powder coated black finish. The frames feature our gas-spring Izzy height adjustment with built in tape measure.

Unique Design

We curved the #1 & #4 rails and resonators to enhance the brilliant sound and provide maximum projection

Acoustic Combinations

Traditional Keyboard / Classic Resonators

This model combines our Traditional Keyboard and Classic Resonators to create an articulate yet resonant sound. Musicians measure all other brands of xylophones against the acoustic standard of this combination

#9701 M1 Concert 3.5 Octave Xylophone
#9711 M1 Concert 4.0 Octave Xylophone

Enhanced Keyboard / Classic Resonators

Combine the Enhanced Keyboard with our Classic Resonators to extend the dynamic range of the xylophone for brilliant projection. Upgrading to our Enhanced Keyboard puts this xylophone into an entirely new category

#9702 M1 Concert 3.5 Octave Xylophone
#9712 M1 Concert 4.0 Octave Xylophone

Premium Keyboard / Classic Resonators

Xylophones built with our Premium Keyboard and Classic Resonators are rare combinations of acoustic elements. We select the Rosewood bars of each keyboard from several thousand bars. The rich harmonics of our Classic Resonators blend perfectly with the dynamic volume, articulation and resonance of our Premium Keyboard

#9703 M1 Concert 3.5 Octave Xylophone
#9713 M1 Concert 4.0 Octave Xylophone


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