Our cases are made of extremely durable Cordura. Every piece of the instrument is individually protected and padded. For padding, we use both 1/2" and 1/4" dense foam as shock absorption material


Vibraphone Cases - NEW!

Introducing the best-designed and most durable vibe cases on the market. 

Stackable, with wheels on the frame case for easy load-in and out, we also included heavy-duty zippers, handles, and shoulder straps. Offered as a set of 3

Dimensions (inches):

Bar case: 42 x 16 x 3.5

Frame case: 57 x 32 x 7

Resonator case: 57 x 25 x 7

$999 US$.  Does not include taxes, shipping, or fees


Marimba Cases

A must have to protect your instrument when touring. We offer a set of 7 cases that accommodates all of our different marimba models, including 4.3 oct, 5.0 oct, and 5.5 oct keyboards

Our marimba cases feature wheels on the resonator and rail bags, heavy-duty zippers, as well as multiple handles and shoulder straps for easy handling and transporting 

Used by many of our M1 Artists, these cases are highly recommended and well worth the investment

$2,450 US$.  Does not include taxes, shipping, or fees