Marimba One Announces The New Beverley Johnston Signature Series Mallets

The NEW Beverley Johnston Signature Series is extremely versatile and works well on both vibraphone AND marimba. Utilizing the Wave Wrap technology they are perfectly weighted and balanced. These mallets were designed to provide a full sounding vibraphone-specific pure clean tone quality and yet also versatile enough to be played on marimba including all styles from contemporary, to classical, and jazz.

“My first choice for marimba mallets has always been the Wave Wrap Series due to the perfect weight and balance. This was the inspiration behind the creation of my new Signature Series mallets and I’m honored that M1 asked me to develop such a versatile mallet series. Maintaining the high quality standards typical of all M1 mallets, we created four distinct mallets” 

~ Beverley Johnston

BJ-V: Very Hard. Good for larger halls and extreme contemporary classical music styles

BJ-1: Medium Hard. Smaller head with substantial weight. Perfect for recital halls, ensemble playing. Good projection

BJ-2: Medium. Nice balance. Good for vibraphone and marimba solo playing

BJ-3: Soft. Heavier balance. Good for any softer playing, especially on vibraphone

Available in either birch or rattan handles