Fabian Otten
  • Fabian Otten
"Marimba One is my instrument of choice due to its deep, full and round sound, which gives the musician the possibility to integrate into and merge with the sound of his/her companions on the stage. There is also a high amount of sound versatility, so the instrument can even assert itself against a whole orchestra"

Fabian Otten

Fabian Otten is the principal percussionist of the Philharmonic State Orchestra of Hamburg, Germany and teacher for marimba at the HfM Leipzig. Born in 1993 in Steinheim, Germany, he started to play piano and percussion at the age of six. In search of something which combines these two instruments, he fell in love with the sound of the marimba. 

He studied percussion in Hamburg, Germany, with Massimo Drechsler, Stephan Cürlis and Cornelia Monske, and completed his studies in Berlin with Rainer Seegers, Franz Schindlbeck and Biao Li. As a percussionist and marimbist he won several prizes including the special award of the Bayerischer Rundfunk, 2nd prize at the International 'Marimba Festiva‘ Competition and the 'Eduard-Söring-Preis' in Hamburg. His dedication to marimba music and new repertoire for marimba shows in a vierety of premiered contemporary works and the constant search for new sounds and pieces with a deep understanding of the instrument. Since 2022 he is also holding a teaching position for marimba at the HfM Leipzig, Germany.

Alongside performing on the stage and teaching he dedicates himself to composition. His first published piece „Samsara“ for marimba solo was elected 1st prize at the Stellar Composer Competition 2021. He is currently doing his masters in composition in Hamburg, writing contemporary chamber music and orchestra pieces.