Fangge Lu

Fangge Lu was born in Qingdao, the City of Music in China. She began learning the piano at the age of three and later learned classical percussion from Professor Guangsi Liu. 

In 2012, with honors, she entered the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts (Germany) to learn classical percussion. After studying under Professor Dennis Kuhn, Jasmin Kolberg, and Se-Mi Hwang, she received her master’s degree in 2014. In the same year, she also obtained her Orchestersolist degree and was admitted into the Solistische Ausbildung program (the highest diploma in music performance in Germany). In the performance for the admission exam of the Solistische Ausbildung, she has got full marks and won the first place with all notes. Later in 2017, she received her Solistische Ausbildung’s degree of performance awarded by the university and assisted the professor in the professional courses for the gifted class at the university. She pursued further studies at the Conservatoire de Strasbourg in France, where she studied with Professor Emmanuel Séjourné. During her studying abroad, she was mentored and highly recognized by several world-class musicians, such as Ney Rosauro, Bogdan Bacanu, François Sarhan, Wieland Welzel, Casey Cangelosi, and Nanae Minura.

In 2014, she released her first solo percussion album Marimba & More. This album was recorded by Adrian von Ripka, the top German sound engineer, and published by the Qingdao Electronic Audio & Video Publishing House. It has been selling by Tiantian Art (China) and Brandt Percussion (Germany). In October 2016, the Italian state radio 3 (Rai Radio3) aired the Marimba & More album program on its "Sei Gradi" classical music channel.

As a solo percussionist, she has been invited as an artist to give concerts and masterclasses at the music festivals and schools around the world, including the ISC“SUD” di San Benedetto del Tronto, the 2021 Xiamen Music Season, the 12th-17th National Youth Percussion Competitions, the 2016-2018 Ascoli Piceno Festivals, and the 1st -2nd Qingdao International Percussion Festivals.

In January 2017, as a soloist, she collaborated with Pavel Baleff, the conductor who had won the International Conductor of the Year, to perform the 2nd Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra by Marcin Blazewicz with the Baden-Baden Philharmonic Orchestra at the Kurhaus in Baden-Baden, Germany. In Italy, she performed chamber concerts with the renowned violist Vladimir Mendelssohn, cellist Michael Flaksman and other artists. As a member of the Mannheimer Schlagwerk, she was part of the annual percussion concert tour throughout Europe.

As an educator, she has been a percussion lecturer at Shandong University since March 2018. The course Art Appreciation of Western Percussion she offered was listed by the Shandong University as one of the key courses of the “Core Curriculum Construction Project of General Education of Shandong University in 2021”. She founded the Shandong University Percussion Ensemble, which is the first student percussion ensemble in China that jointly organized by both music major and non-music major students. It aims to promote the reform and the development of aesthetics education in the university and fairly provide high-quality aesthetic education for each student. Her students have won many awards in percussion competitions.

At the same time, employed by the Talent Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, Fangge is a member of the compilation group of professional teaching materials for percussion performance of the Cultural Industry Professional Ability Evaluation System and as a national touring teaching expert. She is also a member of the jury of the National Youth Percussion Competition and serves as a director of Percussion Society of Chinese Musicians Association.

Fangge currently performs on a Marimba One 3100 5-octave marimba with the Enhanced Keyboard and Basso Bravo Resonators and a One Vibe vibraphone. 


现任山东大学艺术学院打击乐教师,硕士研究生导师。2017年毕业于德国国立曼海姆音乐与表演艺术学院并获古典打击乐演奏博士文凭。先后师从刘光泗教授、Prof. Dennis Kuhn、Prof. Emmanuel Séjourné、Jasmin Kolberg、Se-Mi Hwang。
2014年9月发行个人首张打击乐专辑《魔幻马林巴》(Marimba & More),该专辑由德国顶级录音师 Adrian von Ripka 亲自录制,青岛电子音像出版社出版发行,在“天天艺术”(中国) 及“Brandt Percussion”(德国)发售。2016年10月意大利国家广播三台(Rai Radio3)的“六度”(Sei Gradi)古典音乐频道播出吕方格《魔幻马林巴》专辑节目。
作为一名演奏家,她曾受邀作为艺术家在世界各地的艺术节和学校举办音乐会与大师班。包括意大利圣贝内代托南部综合学校、2021厦门音乐季、第12-17届全国青少年打击乐比赛、2016-2018年意大利阿斯科利国际艺术节、2014-2015年青岛国际打击乐艺术节等。2017年1月她作为独奏家在德国巴登巴登市的Kurhaus与荣获“年度国际指挥大奖”的国际指挥家Pavel Baleff携手、与德国巴登巴登爱乐乐团合作演出Marcin Blazewicz《第二马林巴协奏曲》。在意大利,她与国际知名中提琴演奏家Vladimir Mendelssohn、大提琴演奏家Michael Flaksman等艺术家举办多场室内乐音乐会。作为德国曼海姆打击乐团(Mannheimer Schlagwerk)的成员,她每年随团参加在欧洲各地举办的打击乐团巡演音乐会。