Hyun Sang Yun

I am a professional Vibraphonist.

My professional music career began as the member of the ‘SUEUR Percussion Ensemble’ in 2018, and furthered my career as a guest percussionist in various ensembles (Ensemble DITTO; ‘TIMF’) and symphony orchestras (Incheon; Cheon-an) in South Korea. In 2019 my career as a producer started as I took part in composing and arranging music for young artists.

Most recently I participated in a Korean Band Audition program called ‘Super Band 2’ broadcasted by JTBC. I signed as an Artist of ‘VIBES’, a one-person agency. I am connecting with fans by posting vibraphone cover videos and V- logs on my personal YouTube channel ‘윤현상VIBES’ (‘Yun Hyun Sang
VIBES’). In hopes to share my experiences and introduce percussion instruments to others, I conduct seminars at Hyun Hwa High School, conduct lessons for music major candidates and also participate in other opportunities enlarging music education.

I am currently producing a Vibraphone album while collaborating with classical musicians and various artists.