INK Experiment Duo

I.N.K. Experiment Duo is a dynamic and creative percussion ensemble, passionate about reinterpreting and mixing classical music with other musical styles - rock, pop, contemporary, traditional and experimental.  Their performances are often described as passionate, spicy and colourful.

Since 2014, the duo has appeared at international festivals in France, The Netherlands, Germany, USA, China, Switzerland and Croatia (Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Osor Musical Evenings, Zeltsman Marimba Festival, Amsterdam Marimba Weekend, Westfalen Classics, PASIC, IBMW, Kalima, Teng Yu Ning Xin Festival,...). 

Through international artistic collaborations they have created exciting projects –

INKarnation (FR) - tango nuevo crossover (with Guillaume Hodeau, bandoneon); Watchers of the Skies (USA,HR) - arrangements of rock classics from the 70-ties for percussion ensemble; ElektroINKeMenT (FR,HR) and Arabesques pour des ombres imMobiles (FR,HR) – electroacoustics (with multimedia artists Mathieu Teissoniere, Mijo Gladović, Réso-nance numérique); multimedia project Orange vs Blue (with composer Olja Jelaska and journalist/producer Toni Volarić).

Following the latest appearances with the jazz rock quartet Chui, INK will be featured on the bands´ upcoming vinyl record.

They regularly commission and premiere new pieces (Lucas Guinot, Teodora Stepančić, Jean-Luc Rimey Meille, Sonja Kalajić, Ksenija Komljenović, Gordon Stout, Gordan Tudor, Olja Jelaska…) and hold masterclasses and workshops worldwide.

Nikola and Ivana have been composing and arranging music for different settings 

The duo endorses Marimba One.