"I had the possibility to check out several marimbas in one room and the Marimba One was unbeatable in sound and matched my personal taste in the expectations of a Marimba. Since that moment it was clear that I will not play anything else."

Klaus Rosner

Klaus Rosner is an engaging educator and an active performer throughout Germany. Born 1975, he started late at the age of 19 with studies of percussion, piano and violin. From 1999  to 2005, he studied Percussion and Orchestral Music at the Music University of the Saarland. He holds a Diploma-degree in performance and education. He also attended masterclasses of Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic, Émmanuél Séjourné and Peter Prommel. As a soloist he performed in Austria, Czech Republic, Canada, France, Germany and Philippines. Beside his Solo activities he is working as sideman for percussion in several national and international orchestras.

Since 2000, he holds a teaching position at the State Music School of Tirschenreuth.