Ling Kai’

Young percussion performer, young teacher of nanjing art institute, master of percussion, won the gold medal of the third national percussion competition in 2007, and was the first player in jiangsu province to win the gold medal of the national percussion competition, making a breakthrough of zero. In 2011, he was elected as "the first batch of outstanding young music talents in jiangsu province". In 2014, I was selected into the "firewood 321 talent plan". Ling kai has been an artist and spokesperson for American innovative percussion since 2016. Ling kai is also a judge of the IPEA international percussion competition and the national youth percussion competition. 

Ling kai has participated in many important music festivals and performances including: Berlin world percussion section, Beijing Asian games festival, tsuen wan, Hong Kong arts festival, the sixth China art festival, China Beijing percussion festival, the first national college students' art performance, the second youth festival, the Russian "China year" activities, art festival, the fifth china-russia college students in leipzig Bach festival, Tokyo, Japan concert hall, Germany's foreign ministry "to commemorate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Chinese and German troupe", nanjing art institute established percussion ensemble premiere, china-japan friendship day symphony concert, with Japanese taiko group joint concert, "Love of the straits, Chinese heart" concert, visit performance with jiangsu university symphony orchestra in Britain, France and Germany, CCTV "flying dreams -- graduation song party", "Germany and China together" concert. Ling kai has received high praise in these festivals and performances.