“When I was a kid I always enjoyed playing marimba but I truly fell in love with the instrument when I’ve got to play on Marimba One. Its sound is powerful and full of nuances, it makes me feel confident.”

Maria Martpay

Maria Martinez Paya is a Spanish freelance musician based in the Netherlands. She is a flexible and skilled artist able to perform in diverse contexts, with a preference for chamber music, music theater, and Latin music. 

With her former duo Lip Stick Percussion Duo together with Laura Trompetter, she has performed on remarkable venues and festivals of the Netherlands, like de Doelen and Grachten Festival Amsterdam, and collaborated in diverse TV shows like Podium Witteman and the education program Klokhuis.

Since 2019 she is a member of the percussion entertainment group Drumboost and the salsa band Seis en Salsa directed by Thomas Böttcher.

She highlights her performance in the following productions and groups: The Lion King NetherlandsMaestro Orchestra, 9X13, Theater Hotel CourageTheater TolThe Doelen EnsembleRotterdamPhilBandaLeineRoebana, and Virtual Ensemble. One of her goals is to make the marimba more popular so she brought it to the theaters in the Netherlands accompanying the renowned Dutch artist Simone Kleinsma in her show Verder.