Marimba One has a soft tone and resonance that I love. When I was living in Taiwan, I always heard M1’s at events like masterclasses, forums, and recitals. So, it is my pleasure to now be an M1 Artist! My personal goal when performing on a marimba, is to make it sound like a piano, string quartet, or orchestra. This is why I choose to play Marimba One…So that I can achieve my inner musicality. 

Mei-Shyuan Chiu

Mei-Shyuan Chiou is an award-winning percussionist who is well versed in solo, chamber music and orchestral performance.” She won second place in the first International Classical Marimba Artist League Competition and performed in the festival in Minnesota. And she also won first place in the third category: “percussion and other instruments” at the Italy Percussive Art Society Competition. She has played percussion chamber and orchestral music with a variety of percussion groups and orchestras including the Dream percussion group, Taichung City symphony orchestra, Kaohsiung symphony orchestra and has performed at Taichung Shan Hall, Kaohsiung Culture Center Chih-Shan Hall and many universities around Taiwan.

She is currently studying at Michigan State University for Doctoral of Musical Arts Degree with Professor Gwendolyn Dease. Her professors have included Gwendolyn Dease, Dr. Jon Weber, Jerry Scholl, Zhong-Ching, Ju, Pei-Ching, Wu, Shih-San, Wu, Guo-Hsuan, Wu, Li-En, Han, Hong-Ming, Lin, Cheng-Hsien, Gao, Li-Feng, Cheng and Chen-Hsin, Chen. She has started to develop musical and technical possibilities of six mallets for clinics at universities since last year. And she will bring out new six mallets repertoires in the future.