"From the moment I first played a Marimba One, I experienced it as the finest-sounding marimba I had ever encountered. This led me to purchase my own, and for over a decade, I have cherished my Marimba One, continually enjoying its unique, rich tone. It remains my instrument of choice for its exceptional quality and the way it enhances my musical expression."

Nežka Prosenjak

Nežka Prosenjak is a Slovenian classical percussionist based in Switzerland, regularly performing as a soloist, orchestra musician, and artistic collaborator in various groups and settings. At the age of nine, Nežka embarked on her musical journey at the local music school in Ravne na Koroskem, Slovenia, quickly distinguishing herself from her peers. She furthered her studies at the Maribor Conservatory of Music & Ballet, completing them in 2014. Subsequently, she pursued advanced education at the University of Music & Performing Arts in Graz and the University of the Arts Bern, specializing in contemporary, orchestral, and solo performance.

Nežka has already collected numerous awards for musical interpretation and virtuosity. In recent years, she has won multiple prizes in both national and international music competitions, such as 1st prize at the Italian Percussive Arts Society International Competition (2017), 1st prize at the “Malletlab” international competition (2018), and 3rd prize at the “Marimba Festiva Bamberg” (2018). Additionally, she has received the “Dr. Karl Böhm Stipendium” Award of City Graz in Austria (2018), and a Scholarship for Young Artists from the Ministry for Culture in Slovenia (2019). She also participated at the international competition TROMP in 2022 and was a finalist in the “Slovenian Eurovision Competition" in 2014 and won 1st prize at the International Competition SVIREL in Slovenia (2012).

She maintains an active international profile, performing across the world in countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Scotland, USA, Great Britain, Portugal, Netherlands, and Spain. She has appeared internationally from a young age, also as a guest soloist with renowned orchestras such as the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra and the Slovenian Military Orchestra. She has played marimba concertos with both Slovenian orchestras and has premiered numerous pieces for ensembles and solo performances, including Ivan Trevino's composition in Indianapolis in 2018. Currently, she is playing with ensembles and orchestras such as Collegium Novum Zürich, the Swiss Orchestra, and the Bern Symphony Orchestra, where she also completed an internship during the 2021/2022 season.

Nežka continues to pursue ambitious projects and collaborations in classical, contemporary, and experimental music. Her focus remains on marimba solo performance, ensemble playing, and orchestral engagements.