Rachel Zhang

Xi Zhang (Rachel) is a well-recognized percussionist. She is a PhD in Art student at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. As half of " Joint Venture Percussion Duo " and the sextet " Looptail", she is actively performing on world-class stages home and abroad. Her duo and herself was awarded by multiple renowned international rewards, including but not limited to the Princess Christina Concours, the Vriendenkrans Concours and the Het Debuut Concours. She is also recipient of the Bernard Haitink Fund.

Rachel was born in Harbin, the "City of Music" in China on 1987. At the age of 3, she started learning piano and appeared on stage at 6. After moving to Shenzhen with her family in 1996, she begun studying marimba and piano under Song Yin and Wa Li. During her study in Shenzhen Arts School, she had attended various competitions and won prizes for her excellent performances of piano and marimba.

Rachel received her Bachelors degree in 2010, graduating with honors from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam where she studied with Jan Pustjens, Peter Prommel, Nick Woud, Victor Oskam, Gustavo Gimeno, Mark Braafhart, Arnold Marinissen and Lorenzo Ferrandiz. It was then she initiated the Joint Adventure Percussion Duo with Laurent Warnier and not long after the duo stands out as winner of Vriendenkrans  Concours, the Het Debuut Concours and recipients of the Bernard Haitink Fund . She was invited to perform on the same stage of percussion vertuosi with ASKO / Schonberg and NBE Chamber Music, where she was well received by the audience. It had to be mentioned that as a student she was recommended as the judge of Princess Christina Concours Netherlands.  

She continued her study at Boston Conservatory under worldwide renowned marimba artist Nancy Zeltsman from 2010 to 2012, when she received not only master degree but also artist deploma. At that time, Marimba One™ endorsed her. During her performing tour to Netherlands on 2011, she joined the “Looptail”, a sextet chamber music ensemble, as the percussionist. She was also invited to perform on various marimba festivals home and abroad, such as Marimba Duo Concert for the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Germany at the National Grand Theater of China. She was invited by the Croatian marimba artist Ivana Bilic to join the Music Festival as not only a performer but also a lecturer for the first time. In 2013, She entered the Zeltsman Marimba Festival as performer and lecturer as well.

Rachel is enrolled to the Royal Conservatory of Brussels as PhD in Arts student as of 2014.