"I choose to play a One Vibe because I believe it's the most capable instrument for the modern gigging vibraphonist, in both sound and design. M1's instruments are ones I can't imagine myself ever outgrowing; they provide a foundation I know I can trust no matter what I want to try creatively"

Rosie Cerquone

Rosie Cerquone is a vibraphonist, singer, and songwriter based out of Spokane, WA. She was trained as a classical percussionist, receiving a BM in Percussion Performance from the University of Montana in 2020. Rosie is most passionate about creating music that doesn’t have a clear genre, but chooses to sum it up as “pop percussion”–writing, performing, and producing accessible music using vibraphone, vocals, drums, percussion, bass, and electronics as the primary instrumentation.

The combination of percussion and voice is a growing field within the percussion community, and Rosie is at the forefront of bringing mallet percussion to audiences outside of the concert hall (she is possibly approaching the world record for number of times one person has brought a vibraphone into a brewery). She released her debut album in January, 2021, called the how & the why, which she wrote, recorded, and mixed herself. Her thoughtful lyrics are accompanied by vibraphone on every song, along with many layered vocal harmonies, drums, and percussion. She has performed around Washington, Montana, and Northern Idaho, and performed her original song "House" at the 2021 Percussive Arts Society International Convention. 

Rosie often performs solo, but prefers to play with her band. In her intimate yet powerful trio setting, she is accompanied by Haydn Halsted on drums and percussion, and Logan McDonald on bass guitar and electronics. They are planning to release new music in the fall of 2022.

Outside of performing and writing music, Rosie is an all-around entrepreneurial musician. She teaches private lessons in percussion, drums, songwriting, and mallet and voice combination, performs frequently around the Pacific Northwest, creates content for YouTube and Instagram, and also takes on collaborative freelance composition and sound design projects. In addition to being an M1 Discovery artist, Rosie is also proudly sponsored by BlueHaus Mallet Shop, with whom she has a signature mallet. Outside of her musical life, Rosie enjoys playing with her cat Sangee, eating dessert, traveling with her boyfriend, and spending time with her family in Montana.