Wang Jiaxin

Wang Jiaxin, a young percussionist, holds a master's degree in percussion performance, a doctoral degree in art, and currently is a lecturer at the School of Music Education of Xi'an Conservatory of Music and the School of Music of Weinan Normal University. I has been awarded the titles of Excellent Teacher at the school level and Top Ten Percussion Teachers in Shaanxi Province multiple times. I successively studied under professors Liu Yaguang, Han Xiaojing, Lukas Böhm, Dominic Oelze, and other professors. In 2018,I was admitted to the Dresden Conservatory of Music in Germany ranking the first place, thus becoming the first Chinese student in the percussion major at the school. I also have successively organized multiple solo percussion concerts both domestically and internationally, and participated multiple performance in various European countries. Besides, I also served as a judge for the National Youth Percussion Competition, China Central Television National Youth Art Exhibition, Xiamen International Art Festival, American Performers International Performance Competition, Melbourne International Music Festival, and other events.

王佳鑫,打击乐演奏硕士,艺术学博士,讲师,现任教于西安音乐学院音乐教育学院与渭南师范学院音乐学院。多次获得校级优秀教师与陕西省十佳打击乐教师称号。先后师从刘亚光、韩晓静、Lukas Böhm ,Dominc Oelze等教授,2018年以第一名成绩考入德国德累斯顿音乐学院,为该校打击乐专业首位华人学生。在国内外举办多场个人打击乐独奏音乐会,并多次随团在欧洲各国巡演。担任陕西地区全国青少年打击乐比赛、央音全国青少年艺术展演,厦门国际艺术节、美国演奏家国际演奏比赛、墨尔本国际音乐节等赛事评委。