Xingyao Xue

Xingyue Xue is an international percussionist and marimba soloist from China. Xingyue finished her undergraduate degree in percussion major at Boston Conservatory at Berklee in
2022 and is currently studying for her master's degree with leading marimba performer and educator Nancy Zeltsman. Xingyue and her twin sister Xingyao founded the XY percussion
duo and performed in many concerts both in China and Boston, including the Spring of Shanghai Festival and the Antenna Cloud Farm music walk.

Xingyue was born into a musical family, she started learning the piano and drum set at 4 years old. She began her professional education at the Music Middle School Affiliated with
the Shanghai Conservatory of Music at 11 and made her way into the Juilliard Pre-College at 15 years old. Xingyue had previously won many awards in international percussion
competitions for both solo and duo, including the second prize in the Collegiate Solo Division of the International Artist Competition (2019), second prize in the Italy Percussion
Competition (2022) and the (percussion) winner of the 2023 Yamaha Young Performing Artist Competition(2023). Awards for duo percussion include the professional marimba
ensemble gold award of the 2nd Tokyo International Percussion Competition (2016) and the marimba ensemble gold award of the Singapore International Percussion Competition

薛星玥;国际青年打击乐演奏家及马林巴独奏家,2023YAMAHA 全球青年艺术家奖打
学院附中,纽约茱莉亚音乐学院预科,2022 年在波士顿音乐学院完成了打击乐专业的本科学
David friend Hall、哈佛大学Sanders Theatre、新英格兰音乐学院 Jorden Hall、 纽约茱莉亚音
乐学院Alice Tully Hall 等地演出
奖;2023 雅马哈青年表演艺术家大赛 打击乐组冠军;打击乐二重奏奖项包括:2016第二届东京