Welcome to the PASIC & Festivals Specials page. This is where you will find all of our special discounts on instruments that are being performed on at festivals and events throughout the year. It’s the best opportunity to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on an M1 instrument. We also offer FREE shipping directly to the festival or event (U.S. only) – you pick it up. Instrument cases may also be offered at a special discounted price. The instrument must be ordered 6-8 weeks in advance of the festival or event date.

Here’s how it works...
You can pre-order your very own M1 instrument that will be performed on by an M1 Artist at a festival. In the case of marimbas, we will 100% custom build it to your specifications.
1) Choose the type of frame that you want: the new Wave frame, the Izzy, or the 3100 
2) Select your acoustic combination of either Classic or Basso Bravo resonators, with a Traditional, Enhanced, or Premium level keyboard
3) Place your order and pick your instrument up at the festival or event

That’s it!  To place an order or for more information about upcoming events or festival specials, please contact us directly at 707-822-9570.